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Embedding Chinese font using CSS override?

Hi there,

I am new to Calibre, yet I have been trying all my best to make chinese epub file viewable on ADE.

At first I have really no idea on what's going on with the content of a epub file with all those opf, xhmtl, css...etc. (Im a Business Student). Then I browse around here and raise one and two questions, with all the helps from you guys and comparing different epub file's content, I am now be able to turn a unedited chinese epub file into a a readable chinese epub in ADE.

This is what I did to make it.
  1. Open a new folder inside the OEBPS folder named "Font", and place a chinese font inside (I name it f1.otf)
  2. then I edit the stylesheet.css file and place this code inside:

    @font-face {
    font-family: "f1";
    font-family: "f1";

  3. after that, I edit the content file, (in my case, chapter1.html), putting this
    in every <p>, like this
    <p class="f1">

  4. Save it all and re-make it into a epub file, then I am able to read this chinese epub in ADE.

I have attached my file in case you would like to read it.
I have only turn one chapter (chapter1) into readable, as only chapter 1 cause me quite a time to turn all <p> into <p class="f1">

Is that I can use Calibre to make all these progress generated by Calibre?
Can Calibre turn epub into epub (edited)??

Thanks for reading my post, really looking forward to your comments.
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