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Originally Posted by BearMountainBooks View Post
Thanks Morlac. You are just making my day, I tell you!!!

Don't worry. I don't think I could write faster if I tried. Oh, to some extent, I could put words on the paper, but I am one of those writers that must step away from the work--usually three or four times after it is "finished" and then come back to it. And Finish it again. That would be the primary reason I am not a fast writer!!!

Would either you or Dreams be interested in leaving a review or rating over at Smashwords? No requirement and really, don't feel like you have to. I know some people don't enjoy that sort of thing, but it does help to have reviews when people are shopping--so if you are inclined, reviews are much appreciated!!!
I can't promise that I'll get to writing a Smashwords review at all, let alone anytime soon -- I am really far behind several deadlines at the moment. However, I know how vital that sort of thing can be, and I really would like to support your efforts, so I do promise to try to get to it! (Part of the problem is that I can't bring myself to leave a brief review -- it would have to be relatively well-thought-out.

On the other note, do you have an outside editor or proofreader (formal or informal)? Or do you try to do it all yourself?
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