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Originally Posted by ekaser View Post
Are you talking ePub files, here? What kind of information in the meta data are you interested in? (Pardon me, not terribly familiar with this area...)
Right now for ePub, mobi, and probably most of the other formats you can hit the menu button and select about to bring up a screen that displays the Author, Title, ISBN, and some other file data. I know there are other metadata fields available though. All the books I've got have been run through Calibre and I've added a summary, like what you would find on the back of a pbook, series name and number where relevant, and descriptive tags. I'm pretty sure they're not exclusive to Calibre either since a decent number of books I've downloaded have already had those details filled in.

It would be very useful to me to be able to view this data in the reader. Like I said, I don't remember the details of all the books I've added to my library. If my wife wants to borrow the Pocket Pro she knows even less about the books
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