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Originally Posted by dreams View Post
Oops, sorry about my wording. I was shocked because I was so engrossed in the story and wanted more!

So, here is the trick... **WRITE FASTER***

I really would be interested in reading more about the characters.
Finished reading Sage a couple days ago -- I actually read it pretty much in one day, stealing time on multiple computers at lunch and various other times/locations.

As you might guess, that means I liked it and found it engaging enough to want to keep flipping those pages!

A few comments, if you don't mind...

(a) I agree with the WRITE FASTER sentiment, but for independent authors, I worry about it. If you are your own-and-only editor (which, as an author, editor, and publisher, I suggest is often on par with lawyers representing themselves in the realm of "not great ideas"), please don't rush! The high quality of your writing and *your editing and proofing* are both key factors in what made Sage so engrossing for me.

(b) While I'm not a "mystery" genre reader per se, I do a lot of reading in the SF or Fantasy Mystery genres. Somewhere in your descriptions or metatags for Sage, you described it as a mystery, which ended up not quite being how I saw it.

I don't want to spoil any plot points for anyone, so I will avoid anything like specifics. Generally speaking, though, the plot seemed more oriented toward action than mystery. That's not at all a criticism of the story itself -- which, as I said, I thoroughly enjoyed -- it's more a musing over the best way to describe and market it effectively.

(c) I would certainly be interested in reading further stories in this series. I would also encourage you to keep them in the existing template of long-ish loosely connected stories rather than succumbing to any temptation to stretch into a novel-length work. I found one of the most charming things about Sage to be the pacing: it reads crisply and quickly, with none of the padding (or bloating) that I've come to find annoying in many SF/Fantasy series these days.
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