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EZ-Reader fixes and enhancements list

I'd like to keep a consolidated list for the EZ-Reader:
a) Items people consider to be problems/bugs that they'd like to see fixed.
b) Enhancements (new 'features') that people would like to see in updates.

I'll start off with a short list of things that I've gleaned from other postings, and I'll try to edit this first message to add new suggestions, so they're all in one place. Please post any additional items that may occur to you!

For BOTH Basic & Pocket Pro:
1) Make hyperlinks work in all ePub books.
2) Add a 'back' function from hyperlink jumps (long press 9?)
3) Add more font size choices to ePubs with smaller jumps between sizes (8 font sizes for ALL formats?).
4) [wallcraft] Fix: images get zoomed to larger than the page in ePubs.
5) [wallcraft] Fix: ePub page numbers get bigger with the zoom size. (Should use the same small font for page numbers regardless of the size of the main text font.)
6) Option to store "recent books" list and bookmarks on SD card, so card can be moved between readers (such as a small portable device and a larger "at home" device) and take your "reading environement" with it. (May already be there...)
7) [RichyRich] Menu option to enter a few "custom zoom sizes" (percentages) in addition to the built-in zoom amounts.
8) [KarateMonkey] An easy way to view the meta-data for a book. [dopedangel] Instead of press & release to OPEN the book, maybe long-press to look at meta-data?
9) [dopedangel] Option to show COVER of current book (or first page if no cover) when reader is keyboard-locked. (Or, see #26 below...) [cam8801] show the book cover in the bookshelf menu.
10) [tamzilla] For the mobi format, add the search feature, and enable TTS.
11) The ability to 'mark' an unlimited number of places in a book. This is not necessarily 'bookmarks' (although they COULD share functionality). You need to be able to select any WORD and 'mark' it for later reference, and easily return to those pages with the MARKED WORDS HIGHLIGHTED. This would enable one to proof-read documents ON the EZ Reader rather than at a desk on a computer screen. I'm sure folks would find many uses for this ability.
12) An SDK (compiler, tools, documentation) that allows and supports user-created programs added to the reader. Include ability for a program to prevent/cause the CPU to go to sleep (some programs would be worth having, even if they run the battery down in just a few hours).
13) [tamzilla] Larger menu fonts and the option to have the folder view and main menus use the user selected system font.
14) [tamzilla] Allow users to change the font from within a book for all formats that allow you to change the font.
15) [tamzilla] Fix for mobi - When you exit a book, have the current user chosen font remembered, instead of having to reset it every time you reopen a book.
16) [Xiaopanda] I'd like a clock on the bottom left status bar (this might require a hardware timer that woke the CPU up once a minute to update the clock, and could have an impact on battery life), although each page-turn would reset the wake-up timer, so additional updates might be minimal if it took the person less than a minute to read a page.
17) [derrell] Each 'parser' (reader program) should have a Help screen to indicate what buttons/functions are available.
18) Use proper language translations provided by native speakers (for messages and menus). For example, "Press button cancel to quit searching" should be "Press cancel button to quit searching", and "English speaking" should be something like "Text to speech" or "Text to audio", and "Not be used" should be simply "Not used". (There are many native-English speaking folks on this forum that would be glad to suggest more colloquial phrasings for all of the messages, for free...)
19) [Jane A] Improve .LIT reader support so that .LIT files are actually READABLE.
20) [A J Starr] Add a '.' (period) as a search character option in SEARCH (and maybe any other missing symbols?)
21) [Travis_uk] An OPTION to disable the blinking green light when pressing buttons.
22) An OPTION to display the file dates in the menus in a variety of cultural formats, other than just DD-MM-YYYY.
23) [Joe999] A go-to-page option in the folder directories (similiar to the one in books).
24) [Solicitous] Be able to adjust the volume without the need for using the supplied headphones with the volume adjuster (allow me to use any pair I own, with or without a hardware volume control).
25) [Solicitous] With TTS, be able to pause/continue the reading.
26) Use a fullscreen 'logo' graphic when the keyboard is LOCKED, which can be customized by the user, just like the STARTUP and SHUTDOWN graphics.
27) [greglim] Support for 'ext3' formatted SD cards.
28) Better HTML file viewer. More zoom levels, italics, bold.
29) [bthoven] Dictionary lookup inside the book.
30) [bookfanmd] Option to show the page/pages counts and the battery charge status at the bottom of the screen for all formats. [cam8801] show the current position in a book (% or page/pages) in the bookshelf menu.
31) The ability to make and delete folders, copy and/or move files from one location to another (including between the SD card and the internal memory), and delete files.
32) [Javed] Fix the bug: spaces and special characters in folder and file names cause bookmarks to be forgotten.
33) Make ADE (ePubs) use the user-selected font when the ePub doesn't specify a font (or, at least, [Javed] make the ePub font darker). The BEST solution would be to allow an external .CSS file that overrides the .CSS settings in all ADE ePubs, whether DRM'd or not. See the Needed: Customization for ePub thread for details.
34) [TheDucks] Current title's "About" page, when the displayed (Book Name) file name (and file type) can be OFF SCREEN. Can we get this to wrap and maybe a separate entry for the file type? [93terp] The ability to scroll or wrap long file names that are longer than the screen can accomodate in the Bookshelf.
35) [Semp] Add support in ePubs for more non-English characters, specifically Polish UTF-8 hexa 0105, 0107, 0119, 0144, 015B, 017A, 017C, 0104, 0106, 0118, 0143, 015A, 0179, 017B. These currently show as "?"
36) [hapmas77] Add the option to rotate counter-clockwise in addition to the current clockwise (ie, rotate 270 degrees in addition to 90 degrees).
37) [theducks] Add the ability to remove items from the "Recently read" list.
38) Alternate (Accessory) cover that has 'storage' pockets for memory cards, USB cable, etc. [irenas] I wish the ebook reader's cover had a poket for the USB cable...For example- along the spine...
39) [Spiffy] Viewer configuration - for file types that can be viewed by more than one viewer program (ePub, txt, etc), support a configuration screen for the user to specify which viewer they prefer for the given file type.

For Pocket Pro ONLY:
PP 1) [Griffonwing] OPTION to use the TOGGLE (thumb wheel) as the hyperlink and/or dictionary access.
PP 2) I'd modify Griffonwing's request to simply make the toggle up/down/push-in and the left-hand next/prev buttons FULLY programmable, with a list of functions available to be assigned. That way a user could, if they wanted, reverse the left-hand buttons so the LOWER button was "next page", or if they never use the left-hand buttons could put other functions on there. A partial list of mappable functions would include, NextPage, PreviousPage, Menu/OK, Exit/Cancel, Zoom, SelectFont, SetBookmark, Goto Hyperlink, Access Dictionary, etc.
PP 3) [wallcraft] Add support for user-provided fonts in FB2 ebooks. They are already supported on the Basic.

For Basic ONLY:
(currently empty)

For future devices ONLY:
1) A touch-screen device with a stylus, that does NOT decrease screen contrast.

Hardware and/or Accessories:
1) [AJ Starr] ACCESSORY: A hard shelled case for packing the EZ Reader(s) in for travel.
2) [Triker] ACCESSORY: A much lighter and thinner case, but one which is still a fold-out style.

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