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I received my jetBook Sept.8, installed and read a comfortably formatted text for 20 minutes, and developed a headache, followed the next day by sore eyes. The reason: glare. In sitting with good the kind of good light I used for pbook reading, I found that I kept making minute adjustments of the angle of the reader so as to try to avoid reflective glare from my reading lights. I had made my purchase on the basis of Dr. Drib's review, but if other people can read on the jetBook without suffering from the glare from its screen display, then that's good news for them; for me, the glare is a deal-breaker, and I'm thinking of returning this to BedBB and opting for a reader with e-ink. If there are any others of you who can avoid the eyestrain and headaches, please let me know how you do it.
One other thing for the ECTACO design people: even the 'Page up/page down' side-scroller on the reader's left edge has a glossy finish to it, and the reflected light from it is distracting.
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