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could you do us a favor and solve this problem

Dear sir,

thank you so much for your efforts to deal with the 5-page flip problem. but it seems that you used the ipdf for iliad book edition. I cannot install the nojump version on my iliad 2 machine. but i can install normal non-nojump 2.12 version softwares.

could you design a nojump version for iliad 2 machines? I am really frustrated by the problem. Thank you very much!!!

Max from Beijing

Originally Posted by DesiLinguist View Post
Ok. I have created a new version of the all-in-one installer which contains the 2.12.1 version as the default iRex version. It also contains another version called 'fullscreen-nojump' which is identical to jharker's fullscreen version except that the 5-page jump that was activated by a long flip has been removed. I created this because I was a little tired of the flipbar doing 5 page turns when I only wanted one. I think a few other people might find this useful. This version was graciously produced by Fellbell and all I did was strip the binary produced by him so that it was of a smaller size (the original binary he produced was 1.1MB!).

As before, please do backup your current ipdf before installing anything.
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