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Originally Posted by Faenad View Post
GB/T18287-2000 is a standard, the product number is V5-364560 but I haven't found this battery anywhere.

The fact that the battery is using wires rules out the PP being directly compatible with Nokia battery, yet this is an advantage as when the original battery dies it should be easy to "recycle" the wires and connect them to any standard, unwired cellular battery delivering 3.7V. Theses are very common and the dimensions should not be a problem either.
One should also be able to upgrade the battery this way, it's possible to find 1200mAh or 1400mAH batteries with the same dimensions.
Faenad, and how do you attach the wires to the standard battery? Would that be a simple process? I have no idea about doing that.
That being said, maybe we could say that it is as replaceable as a Sony Reader 505 would be, I mean, opening the Sony would be a little of a hassle and all, but at least I can get a battery for around $20 without having to attach any wires to it. In any case, maybe they will sell some with the wires attached to it for the PP as well once the PP becomes more popular...

I agree that it is less of a hassle to simply replace it on the PP than to have to open the Sony to find its battery, but the fact(if this is a fact, since we do not know yet) that we would have to attach wires to it adds some complication to the whole process.
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