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Hi folks,

this sounds promising, thank you for your eagerness. I am currently away from my main pc and dr1000, but intended to spend the next week of my holiday with this issue. Here are some thoughts:
1. hardware: the dr1000 manual warns that the iliad connector fits but will damage the dr1000. I guess the damage is because of different pin uses, not the form factor. Thus the iliad plug could be used to connect to the extension slot.

2. activation of usb port: the ehci module shipped with the device does not support the port selector function that is docu;;mented by freescale (reference to follow). I saw this when I modprobed correspondingly and then read the error in dmesg. Thus I guess that irex ships an outdatd driver.Idea: compile freescale's new driver and replace old one. then we could selectively activate ports, and then test the connector pins. it may be that the crashes are caused by unselectively activating host on the ports, the freescale manual speaks of that.

3. call dmesg and read the output. it talks of deregistering the usb port, and that this should not happen. i guess that the mini usb is host disabled only by software, but i may be wrong. someone with an open device could check how the pins are connectd to the processor, and compare the specs of freescale.

So far from me, sorry for the style, it is typed from a nokia N810 (where usb host works fine). I am excited about your interest, and look forward to further work on this matter.
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