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RE: scotsman’s post ‘USB host mode hacking’, here.

Dear scotsman,

Some months back, I opened a ticket with iRex’s tech support in an effort to get the specs and a pinout of the DR1000s’ ‘Function Extension Slot,’ with a belief that it contained a USB Host port. After several pleasant but unresponsive back and forths, I was told A.) that the mini USB port is ‘hardware limited’ to Peripheral only, and B.) that there is indeed a USB Host port in the ‘Function Extension Slot’, but that the specs were ‘for sale,’ and intended for ‘corperate’ developers. (I was somewhat taken aback, as iRex’s touting of the DR’s ‘Open Architecture’ was a factor in my buying decision--it seems to me that the ‘Function Extension Slot’ is a part of the ‘architecture’ that I paid for; am I wrong?) Anyway, I’m determined to hack in (and I have other reasons; see my Mobileread Introduction), and I have an o’scope; I can use usbview and a thumbdrive to find the USB data lines, if the USB port is active (‘on’).

I recently bought a DR1000s with a broken screen, just for hacking. I’m waiting for delivery from China.

I’m hoping that you, or someone, can come up with software to turn the DR’s USB ports ‘on,’ so the USB Data lines can be found; we could then determine which of the Host ports it is, and proceed accordingly.

Let’s figger this puppy out--interested?
Kent Walters
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