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I mainly used the DR for reading A4/letter academic documents and textbooks, comics/manga and for pretty much all my note taking. The Sony PRS-505 took my novel reading load. I'd appreciate any suggestions on the following options I have (or any other) from people who have used the DR (or the other devices below) for similar things:

1. Cough up that $390 and get the DR fixed, there really is nothing better out there right now.
2. Forget the DR, get a Thinkpad X200 or Dell XT2 tablet. Its more expensive but a far better long-term solution, and its in color! (Does anyone else think a 12'' screen 3.8 lbs device is still too big and heavy for couch/bed reading? I can still use my Sony PRS-505 for novels.)
3. Stay eInk and get a Kindle DX! (No note-taking though, anyone have experience with a dedicated note-taking device like this one?)
4. Stop spending money! Wait for 6 months and see what happens. Big things are on the way (Plastic Logic, supposed Apple tablet).

My dream would be a 10.1'' tablet computer with a "flip screen", preferably with an active digitzer (meaning you have the option of not using your finger for touch input, as a left hander my palm confuses the heck out of a passive touchscreen device while writing). I don't know of one, does anyone? I'm not terribly particular on eInk for this, because the Sony handles most of my reading load. I don't mind spending money, provided I know I'm getting a good device.

Edit: As of October 2009, there isn't such a "dream device", but there was one in 2005. If you don't mind the Pentium M 1.2 GHz processor (more than sufficient for eBooks), the TC1100 is available for $250 or less on eBay. Its 10'' odd, 4:3 (near A4) aspect ratio, packs a Wacom active digitizer and has a detachable keyboard. Its still a bit heavy (3lbs). A pity they discontinued it, I'm sure they could make it much lighter with today's technology.

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