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Originally Posted by Pier View Post
I had the exact same problem. I spent hours with sony support staff trying to fix it...clean uninstall of the previous version, new install of v3 (Multiple tries), etc. It installs successfully but will not launch. The support person made me reinstall previous version from their link so that I could at least have one software working while we try to find the problem but now...this version is not launching either! As a last resort I was told someone would get back to me by phone and would help me find the problem. First they were to call me on Friday show...then after I called them back it was show either! So I'm stuch with no software for my reader!!!
Hi Pier,

My story continued...

After my long hours of working with Sony IM supported, I called the eBook Store support (tele only). Their staff reverted me back to v2.5 and I was able to re-sync my DRM/store content. They also cleaned up my device count on the store.

Still, I am not satisfied. I would be happy to send logs to their QE or eng teams but they do not seem to be visible - no blogs I can find or email address to report bugs.

Oh well. I guess I'll wait for an update to the software. I hope it isn't long

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