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This is really great, Zelda. It hasn't been that long since I last re-read the book, but this illustrated edition deserves to be next on my reading list, and the markup and css itself is almost as beautiful as the book.

A couple of problems though.

You used the wrong alt text for the initial letter in chapter 1 (the initial letters in the other chapters seemed fine though):
<div class="lettrine"><img src="images/t.gif" alt="W" /></div>

You should limit alt text for cases when it's actually required. The alt attribute is meant to be used when a visually impaired reader would not be able to follow the text without knowing what an image is of. A blind person really isn't going to care that some illustration he can't see is of a "man with cane". If an image actually contains text that a blind person can't read, such as header1.gif or the initial chapter letter images, then you should use alt text, but in many cases, alt="" is really the best thing to do.

Take the first illustration in chapter 1, for example. This is what the book would sound like to a blind person:

The diagnosis seems in every case to correspond exactly with all the sensations that I have ever felt.

Reading up on ailments. I remember going to the British Museum one day [...]
See "Context is Everything" at, specifically example 2.
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