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Originally Posted by oceano10000 View Post
Thank you, i don't mind the small keyboard at long as its a little finger friendly. Youtube is good, really whats so horrible with it? I would probably only use it with earphones anyways. And thanks, ill read the review when you have it up. Is it as good as a regular phone speaker?
Here's the review

You could use one finger to type, but it's way to slow and you're more likely to make mistakes. Don't even think about blind typing or thumb typing. Just use the stylus, it works fine.

The problem with youtube is that Flash isn't supported so you'll have to download the video files using other methods. It's not like normally where you just press play.

The speaker is worse than a decent phone speaker. It's less loud and sounds really tinny. Not that I think it's a real problem. I use the SmartQ 5 mostly to browse the web and read e-books/comic books.
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