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A Pluging that calls a plugin?

So, I'm trying to bend Calibre to my exact and precise will. I have a Sony PRS-500, so it's pretty picky about links (will only reference a division). Since most of my eBook collection is in Non-DRM eReader format, I've created a FileType "on_import" plugin that converts the PDB file to a perfectly formatted HTML file (with link and link-backs to footnotes). However, only the single HTML file gets into the database.

Bottom line: I'd like to pass the resulting HTML file to the "HTML to Zip" feature so that all of the links and images get collected and placed into Calibre.

It appears that the HTML to Zip is not truly a plugin (at least it's not in the Plugin folder of the source code). Is there a way I can call it or refer to it in my plugin? Thanks!

- Jim
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