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Originally Posted by Dylrob View Post
PVI showed a possible solution awhile back: A touch screen technology which uses pressure sensors under the display. This way you could have finger input without the loss of contrast.
Thanks for the link. PVI technology may be even more interesting as it is already tailored to e-ink displays. Now that I know that there was already a solution for the "washed out" screen it is hard to forgive Sony. What were they thinking?

The problem may be the "spoiled by Apple" effect. Apple came with the iphone and its amazing touch interface. It is great and such and now people think that everything has to be "touch".

But an ebook is not a general purpose PDA (where the touch screen is great). It is a device tailored for a single use: read. Hence the quality of the screen has to be awesome. This is the first priority to me. There can be no commitments here. After the screen problem is solved, as it is by good e-ink displays, you may start to think about adding annotations. And we do annotate using pens so there is no change on the way we already work.
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