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Originally Posted by Mril View Post
Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your new PRS!!!!
Originally Posted by Andanzas View Post
Congratulations!!! And thanks for the nice pictures. Glad to hear you like your new toy.
Originally Posted by Donnageddon View Post
WOW, the screen looks great! If the Daily Edition looks this good... and can show half screen PDFs. This is getting exciting!
Thanks guys, much better than the PRS-700 that I tried, they are definitely giving great reason to be excited The PRS-300 looks like a miniature version of the PRS-505 by the way. Screen is smaller, but looks VERY readable.

Originally Posted by MerLock View Post
You must have been excited, unboxing in the car. Thanks for the great pics. I'm waiting for more reviews on the screen. In the side to side comparison it looks like the screen on the 600 is a bit more "washed out" than the 505 but still looks nice.

I hope you let us know if you get any eye strain from reading on the 600 as opposed to the 505 and if there is significantly more glare on the 600.
Slightly, but it seems like it's that way because of the layer for the touch screen. I would say the reflection appears a little more pronounced than the PRS-505, like a hazy reflection, but NOTHING like the reflection off the 700. This is just glancing around it in my office though, I will post more when
I get the chance to test it in other surroundings.

Originally Posted by informale View Post
Could you please post larger photographs?
I will do so when I get home......while I'm at it, anybody know how to embed the photos in a post?

Originally Posted by zelda_pinwheel View Post
oh, congratulations !! and thank you for the photos !!! i'm quite jealous. i wouldn't have been able to wait to unbox it either.

the screen really does look very good, that's encouraging.

i particularly like the welcome screen, translated into 4 languages, including french.

let us know how you like it, when you've had a chance to play around with it !!
The sample excerpts include various languages as well.
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