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Wisptis.exe - How to get rid of it easily!

Uninstall the Microsoft Windows Journal Viewer (It is one of the Windows Updates, but it is listed in your Add/Remove Programs list). Also, if you have done that already or never installed it to begin with, but you Microsoft Office 2003:
1) Go to Add/Remove Programs list
2) Click on Microsoft Office 2003 and click on "Change"
3) Select "Add or Remove Features" and click "Next
4) Check next to "Choose advanced customization of features" and click "Next"
5) Expand "Office Shared Features" and then "Alternative User Input"
6) Choose "Not Available" for "Handwriting"
7) Click on "Update" and click on "Ok" when it has finished
8) Restart your computer. The Wisptis.exe program should no longer be running once you have restarted.
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