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Originally Posted by Patricia View Post
A few people have been a bit confused about doing a soft or hard reset on their readers when they freeze, or otherwise misbehave. As a consequence, they have been plunging paperclips and other pointed objects into every orifice or aperture that the Reader possesses. This does not lead to happy results.

Here are a couple of hints:

1. If your Reader freezes, the first thing to try is a long recharge. This is also the thing to try if the battery meter seems to drain too quickly. (It sometimes takes several charge cycles before the battery bars display accurately. And I have found that several short recharges often lead to inaccurate battery displays. A long mains recharge puts this right.)

Recharging via a mains charger is essential if a PRS500 has become completely drained or frozen, and is often more reliable with the PRS505.
If you have a PRS500 it came with a mains charger. The PRS505 doesn't. But, in both cases, a Sony PSP charger works too (borrow one from a teenager). Plug it in, connect to the reader and check that the little red charging light comes on. Then leave it for several hours, preferably overnight.
In many cases this has solved the problem entirely.

2. If your Reader is still frozen then you will have to try a soft reset. If that doesn't work then try a hard reset. These both involve prodding a straightened paperclip (or similar) into the hole on the back of the Reader. Remove the cover. Turn the Reader over. There is a very small hole. It is labelled 'reset' in very tiny letters. Do not stick the paperclip anywhere else. And before trying a reset, read the instructions.

Reset Instructions
can be found on the wiki:

Or you may consult the manual (which should appear in your ebook/Connect library).

I hope this helps.
Hi Patricia , yesterday I went out and bought a psp charger , charged my 505 all night, and this morning , there was still script on the screen, after i remov ed it from the charger, and slid the power button to ON , a small orange light flickered and then an on screen message said the book was starting up . At this moment in time , I have started the usb charge and the red light is glowing . I am still able to read the present book I was reading before this happened , I am resigned to this situation until I return to the Uk in Jan2010 I was just wondering If this prolonged use with the book unable to shut down will be detrimental to the battery ? much appreciate your input and thank you for sugestions , kind thoughts , Mickylonster
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