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I posted this Here but as you have posted another thread I thought I should also post my comment here.

Originally Posted by Oberon Design View Post
Nice to see the enthusiasm everyone - thanks so much - we appreciate it
Oh dear!

I am sorry but your overtly sarcastic comment, (if you read the preceding posts), sums up to me the total lack of interest Oberon really has in their customers.

I for one emailled Becca and queried the looseness of the straps asking if I could order one specifically to suit the 505, (see my earlier post), only to be told that I could not as you knew better than me and it was satisfactory as is. I should have realised then and not ordered.

I note that you have since placed photo's on your site that show the straps as 'not loose' on the 505.They are 'very loose' on mine - you can insert a finger between the reader and the strap and my fingers ain't small - much too loose.

Your offer to correct covers returned to you may be satisfactory for your US customers but not for overseas with the high postage costs. It will be cheaper for me to get a local leatherworker to correct your mistake and bad design - writing it off as a 'bad job'.

With hindsight I very much regret buying from you.
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