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Message from Oberon Design

Hello Everyone,

This is Becca Smith, I’m the Vice President of Oberon Design, makers of leather covers for the Sony and Kindle E Readers, refillable journals, etc.
Thanks to all of you that have purchased one of our E Reader covers or expressed interest in what we do. I wanted to directly address the issue of the loose corner straps a few of you have experienced when purchasing a cover for your 505 Sony Reader model. The beta testers for our covers felt that we could easily offer one cover for both models and didn’t feel the corner straps were an issue. Unfortunately some of you don’t agree and this has lead to the perception that we’ve ignored quality control at Oberon. Though we’re certainly perfectly capable of missing details at times, this was not one them!! Instead, we had beta test feedback that some folks would be engaged in cross usage between models or would want to upgrade to a 700 at some point, hence the same straps for both model covers. We’ve had about three people complain that, though they acknowledged that their 505 model wouldn’t fall out of the cover, they didn’t like the looser look of the straps and wanted to be completely confidant of the security of their expensive E Reader. We couldn’t agree more and have asked those customers to return their covers to us so that we can tighten the corner straps. We’ve also changed the buy pages of our website. Now when you order a Sony Reader cover it asks you to identify what model you’re ordering a cover for, 505 or 700. We are now making the 505 covers with a shorter strap length. If anyone else who purchased a cover for a 505 is unhappy with their fit, please contact us at Oberon ( and we’d be happy to tighten them for you. Thanks for taking the time to read this lengthy post and for supporting products made in the U.S.

Kind regards, Becca
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