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Originally Posted by bthoven View Post
What I notice is the Calibre-parallel.exe memory usage is growing as we continue fetching the enews. Even when the fetching finished, the Calibre-parallel.exe process is still there and its memory usage remains that high.

I'm not sure why the memory usage of the process needs to grow and is still hanging there even it has completed the fetching.
Goto and download atleast Process Explorer, there are lots of goodies there, and run that. Browse through the menus and select a few extra columns to view (the ones from Process Memory are probably most interesting). Watch the memory usage when downloading news items.

I just did that and Calibre starts 4 calibre-parallel.exe processes (though that should be 2, 1 per cpu, this is a 1 cpu hyperthreaded P4). When news downloading is complete the parallel.exe responsible for the download dies and a new one is created to replace it. Keeping 4 of them available at all times.
Total memory usage doesn't seem alot to me, around 200Mb and thats on the high side.

Keep us posted of your findings,

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