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Smile Help, I need some advice

Hello everyone! My name is Mihaela and I'm from Romania. I've been lurking around this awesome forum for about half a year, since I found out about ebook readers.(Yeah, I know, I found out they existed pretty late ) As I love , it immediately cached my attention and I have been wanting one ever since, but could really not afford it. Until now. The new generation of ebook readers, having dropped under 200 $/euro is a little more affordable.
So, the bottom line (sorry for all the babbling) is which one should I buy? I read quite a number of reviews on all the e-readers out there, but I'm still undecided, especially since I cannot see one in real life. I like the fact that the bebook supports many formats and is accessible for the european market, so until now this is the one I'm most inclined to buy.
I don't need a reader for technical docs, but one for my quite extensive classic literature e-library (thank God for Project Gutenberg). It would be nice if I could also enjoy some mangas on it, but it's not a necessity.
Any is most welcomed! Oh, in case I forgot to say for all the work you guys/girls have done.
A grateful newbie.
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