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Originally Posted by GRiker View Post
cartesio, here's what's happening, and a solution:

I modified the built-in recipe, changing the 'feeds=' line to the code below, and adding the timefmt='' line to enable archiving. (This is a sampling of the individual New Yorker sections, but you can adjust to taste):
feeds = [(u'Reporting & Essays', u''), (u'Humor', u''), (u'Fiction & Poetry', u''), (u'The Talk of the Town', u''), (u'Comment', u''), (u'The Financial Page', u''), (u'Politics', u''), (u'Movies', u''), (u'The Balance Sheet', u'')]

I modified my recipe accordingly and it worked great. However, when I added a few more feeds, it ignored them. To wit:

(u'Think Tank', u'http://'),
(u'Hendrik Hertzberg', u'http://'),
(u'Sasha Frere-Jones', u'http://'),
(u'Interesting Times', u'http://'),
(u'The Book Bench', u'http://')]

I even made these the only feeds and it grabbed nothing. Any idea what I'm missing here?

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