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Originally Posted by Bert
Hi all,

After waiting a while in vain for iRex to provide a program to merge scribbles with the pdf, I decided to write my own. (I found a perl-script somewhere on this forum, but I didn't want to install perl just to run a little tool like that.)

The attached app is written in java, and uses the iText library for the merging process (just like some other apps on this forum). It can merge the file while keeping the manifest, create a pdf with only scribbled pages (useful when when proofreading a document), change the scribble colors, ... .
You need at lava 1.4 at least, just unzip the attached zip and run the jar. (java -jar ILiadPdfScribbleMerger.jar, or on windows, you can just double-click the jar)

Let me know if you find any problems!


PS: This is my first post in this forum! I lurked around here for a few months, finally buying an iLiad myself in december ... I never posted because I never had anything useful to say, until now (I think ).
Cool... Irex are supposed to coming out with something... Have seen this...? Its an implementation in php5 and does much the same thing... I would made a Java version, but I tend to find php is better for rapid development, and java is too much like work. (I'm a Java dev and don't like using Eclipse when I supposed to be relaxing... )
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