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Originally Posted by Hellmark View Post
Odd. In the US, public libraries are free. You check out a book, you have a week or two to read it, and only if you do not return it in time do you have to pay (usually like a dime or something a day).
Yes, it is the same in the UK. Charlieperry's reference was to the Public Lending Right system in the UK whereby all authors (not just British authors) who register get paid a proportion of a fund set up to reimburse them based on the number of times their books were borrowed from UK public libraries in the previous year. Payments last year totalled GBP6.6 million and were limited to GBP6600 maximum; 352 authors received more than GBP5000. Payments were made to 23773 authors in total with another 12158 discovering that they were due less than a pound so actually got nothing. Perhaps they should have set up a roster of friend and family to borrow a book in rotation? 20 loans would have been sufficient.

PLR's website is at:

The US doesn't appear to have an equivalent; according to Wikipedia 15 countries do, mostly European but also including New Zealand, Australia and Canada.
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