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This is the first e-paper trial in a university I've heard of. I hope it works out and generates more demand, increase production rates and drop the price. @_@' Heh.

On a related topic, I predict tablet PCs will finally, after spending years outside the mainstream in niche markets, come into their own and start shipping in serious volume in the next year or two. Intel's Santa Rosa platform should enable a lot more time unplugged, and HSPDA and 802.11.n will also help with mobility. I've been hearing how several universities are requiring freshmen to purchase tablets.

The things a tablet can do E-ink can't are full color, video, sound, and digitizer and keyboard input. Highlighting and page marking key sentences or scribbling notes in the margin sounds pretty attractive. The only real drawbacks of the displays in tablets are outdoor visibility and the easiness on the eyes. At least, that's how I see it.
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