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Many thanks for your reply.

Originally Posted by Valloric
- How can I add a cover image? To show as cover, not in text, for all software and hardware .epub readers.

Just import an image and put it at the top of your document. You'll probably want to add a chapter break after it.

Sigil will never resize your images. Epub as a format was meant to display on many different devices with many different screen sizes. Trying to settle on one cover image size is pointless and will always fail to display correctly on some devices.

What you should do is wrap your image in some SVG code so it automatically resizes. AFAIK there are other ways of doing this too. Check out the epub subforum on MobileRead, and the code snippets sticky.
Yes, I noted. If simply adding a image over top, some epub readers show the image as cover, some don't, some will show also in text, some don't ... but all of them try to show it in original size, so the result is wrong, too small, or too big. It's necessary some simple SVG/CSS code, usually even using a "100%" attribute works, so program/device tries to resize and fit to 100% -their size- for the image.

Originally Posted by Valloric
Sigil will one day have a WYSIWYG action that automatically wraps your image in SVG.
I would strongly suggest to add this, using GUI icon, or a new metadata option, since it's a very basic and common action for all users, specially non technical ones (so more people will give Sigil a try), books later look great, and this, plus the option to build and show footnotes (tricky, from the .epub specs I read, seems there are still not a totally stablished standard, specially for software or hardware viewers, and at least two or three different codings and some tips to do), are the most asked and requested questions from new users here.

Also, I found a new problem: when loading .epub files containing multiple illustratios, Sigil confuses the images order and contents, and most time results in showing the file in edit window using a single image for -all- the illustrations. Sample:

EDIT: and a Search option!

Thanks! Regards!

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