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Originally Posted by rsuryase
True, true. Touch screen, larger screen, writing capability and WIFI do justify a higher price but I think $600 would have been more appropriate.[...]
The enormous price difference is partly because of the strong euro. In the Netherlands (and rest of Europe) I pay 649 EUR, which is expensive, but compared to the Sony (very difficult to get here) the price difference will about 200 EUR. In my opinion this isn't that much for the extra features you get.

Shortly, Irex international (outside the EU) sales will be hurt by the strong EUR.

BY the way, for the same reason I buy my books in the US currently. Including the shipping costs it is still significant cheaper than buying the same book in The Netherlands and also more convenient.

Also, I'd wish Irex stopped advertising with 21 hours reading pleasure as they cannot make this statement true and will cause disappointed customers.
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