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Originally Posted by Kris777 View Post
I have Motorola cell phone more than 3 years and it has replacable battery but I never replaced it. What is the reason to replace battery if it works fine for 3-4 years? After 3-4 years people can replace cell phone or eBook reader if something wrong with battery. I don't think that replacable battery is very important feature for eBook readers.
There are many people who do not want to replace the hardware they already paid for if it still does the job they bought it for (allow them to read books).

Even cell phones do not need to be replaced unless their are new features that you must have.

Companies realized they could get you to buy again by artificially limiting the life of a device by keeping you from easily changing the battery.

Once again, they are controlling what you have bought. So what did you really buy - a battery or an Ereader?
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