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v0.1.2 very slow when editing on Mac

Valloric - if you are already aware of this problem just let me know but if not, I'll raise an issue for you...


Sigil v0.1.2
Mac OS Leopard 10.5.8
iMac 24" 4Gb Ram

ISSUE : Sigil is very slow to open The_Deed_of_Paksenarrion.epub from Baen Webscriptions, taking around 90 seconds. The epub is 1.4Mb in size and contains around 30-ish chapters (1350 pages or so on my Sony 505).

It takes between 8-10 seconds to respond to a single character deletion and around 15 seconds to respond to a carriage return in the middle of a paragraph, displaying the Mac rotating beachball each time.

In addition, it opens this epub and displays it centered whereas my Sony 505 displays the epub as left justified... I not sure if this is just the default behaviour where justification is not set in the document.

Let me know if you want me to raise an official issue (and include the epub).


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