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Just got my SONY Reader today, took less than 24 hours to arrive using express shipping. I'm satisfied with it, considering my other option was the $700 iLiad. Screen is small though, so reading PDF is not easy on the eyes. Luckily there's the SONY Connect store or I would have return this item, I can use this Reader and read new ebook releases. Like iPod needs iTunes, SONY Reader needs SONY Connect. jęd is right, if SONY pulls the plug on SONY Connect, the SONY Reader will lose much of its value unless there are other ebook online store selling new release titles whose format is compatible with SONY Reader which I don't know of any. I'm contemplating of getting the iLiad too to read PDF but I think I'll just wait for Jinke Hanlin V9 10', I can read magazines on a 10' screen.

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