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Originally Posted by jęd
Personally I see the Sony as a higher risk... What happens to the DRM'd content if Sony decides to switch to a new format, or pull the plug...? (If you think thats impossible, look at Microsoft and their recent change in DRM'd formats)

"great tech support"... Dunno if you noticed but Irex have a forum where they respond to issues and even take on board suggestions. They interact on

And you do know the relationship between Phillips and Irex...?

Again DRM is an additional feature, it does not ONLY read DRM files. If they pull the plug or change to a new format, then SONY essentially becomes an iLiad with less features. Besides SONY can provide a firmware upgrade so it can read the new format. I know iRex is a spin-off from Philips but it's still a separate company with different bosses. Bottom line Philips doesn't support iRex products. I want Philips to buy iRex so iLiad will have as good of a warranty as SONY and it'll have a local presence in the USA. My main beef with iRex is the lousy warranty support and being outside the USA. SONY has great service plans.

Wait till something bad happens to your iLiad and you have to send it back for repair. The bills will start piling up, just take a look at scotty1024's experience. I wish you good luck though.

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