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jęd has a complete set of Star Wars action figures.jęd has a complete set of Star Wars action figures.jęd has a complete set of Star Wars action figures.
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Originally Posted by rsuryase
Wow the majority of the reviews at is negative, many 1 out 5 stars, looks like I made the right choice purchasing the SONY, though I still prefer the iLiad. Hopefully SONY's next Reader will feature an 8'-10' screen. Jinke's Hanlin may suffer the same fate as iRex being it's not local so repairs will be expensive.
Um... Aren't most of those reviews back from July when it was first released and the initial firmware *was* a bit ropey...? For example, the PDF reader didn't have zoom/pan like all the others... Who in this day would release a reader that didn't do that...?

I think you are now looking for reasons not to buy this thing. Thats fine and thats your choice... But I would prefer it if you didn't post up FUD without looking at it critically...

Now please excuse me while I quickly download the Guardian direct & wirelessly (via a shell script) to my Iliad, slap on some quick scans of docs I need to review, and even quickly transfer a book as well. Dang, I was supposed to have added some comments to a spec I was emailed yesterday. Oh well, will do that on the train...

And I wonder when the next firmware update will be...? I mailed in some bug reports that the developers told me they'd put on the list...

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