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No backlight is a feature

Originally Posted by gamoses
I'd really, really like one of these new e-ink readers, but I do 99% of my reading in bed at night while falling asleep. I don't want to attach a book light. I want a real backlight. Like the ancient grayscale Palm I'm still using for reading. But it's my understanding that none of the e-ink readers have one. Is that right? Are there any plans for future models that do?

If a backlight is what you want, don't consider an e-ink solution. Backlights cause eye fatigue, making long hours of reading more stressful. E-ink based readers are intended to be used in a reflective light manner, as with traditional books.

One might argue the effectiveness of the current solution. Personally, I'd like to see E-Ink Corporation figure out how to make a whiter white in low light (ie, increase the contrast). It is nice, but it isn't yet like paper in ambient lighting situations (granted ambient lighting is not optimal for reading anything).

Now, an integrated front light might be interesting, but if I must trade off lighting against battery life and weight, I choose the latter.
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