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> Does the Russian site allow legal minors to have an account?

Yes. At no point did they ask me what my age was. Why would they?

> or if the banks that work for it require legal adulthood,

Not sure about Russian banks, in Estonia you can open account (includes online banking) at age 7. Also, litres supports SMS payments, so at the very minimum you would need to have a mobile phone.

> mostly agree on the key issues--ebooks aren't available enough
> or simple enough to break into the same market niche that digital music

Actually, I have never owned a MP3 player device (not much into music). How are they less simple than even current generation of e-book readers?

Availability - yes. I could go to amazon and buy MP3-s until I turn blue. No such luck with e-books. Plus the ongoing DRM disaster.

> Webscriptions?

Actually yes - Baen accepts electronic transfers as one form of payment.
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