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Originally Posted by geekraver
I originally did include source, but later decided not too. Mostly because I'm now taking donations (all $25 so far) and I figured if I released source someone will probably rip off what I've done and try make money from it, and I don't feel like dealing with that. There may come a time when I don't care anymore and will again release the source but I have invested a lot of time in the code adding features that I didn't need to (like the WebDAV publish/subscribe), and it would be nice to see some return on that investment. My plans for now (once I finish up with a separate project I'm working on, which is why I'm not that active right now) are to try to generalize the code to the point where it can be extended via plug-ins. I'm already quite close to that on the back end (i.e. turning the HTML into PDF, RTF, etc), and want to do some more on the front end to extend the UI and range of sources.

Thats a shame as I'm looking at an RSS import for BBeBinder and your html output converts quite nicely to LRF. What I was thinking of was to wrap your output engine as a library and use that.

If you do change your mind at any point then let me know. (Note BBeBinder is totally opensource).

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