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Originally Posted by Jellby View Post
Journal articles are usually PDFs formatted for Letter/A4 size, and with rather small type and often in two columns. This makes them almost impossible to be easily readable on 5-6-inch-screen readers. Even in portrait mode the text will probably be too small and an annoying page back and forward would be needed for reading the two columns. It could be a bit better with custom zoom options, but then you'd have the problem of two-column figures, tables or equations.

Devices with a larger screen would be desirable, but those are more expensive too.
Thank you for the response.

While I appreciate your concerns, the journal articles I read are usually single column, with little to no diagrams (for an example, please see the attached file in my original post).

That said, the articles in question will be Letter/A4 sized, so font size is a major concern. Would anyone happen to know if the Sony PRS 600 would be capable of handling PDF files such as this? If not, what other alternatives are available? Judging by the various posts on this website, I take it that no single eBook Reader is designed specifically for PDF viewing (aside from iRex, which is not in my price range).

What's the probability that some new model will be released in the near future, which caters specifically to PDF viewing (in my price range, of course)? It's a shame that this is still a nascent market - it has so much potential!

P.S. Thank you to the moderator for moving this post.
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