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> Meaningless comparisons. We need hard numbers, not
> percentages of growth, to know what's really going on.

Some absolute numbers here:

And yes, the absolute numbers are still small, even tho that data there is limited to fairly small number of publishers.

re: credit cards.
> You know any that don't?

Yes. In Estonia, most of the e-commerce goes via online banking. Online shops normally have payment links to 2-4 different banks. Then there are so called virtual credit cards - not sure if there are age limitations for those actually, I would guess not. Then the russian enables you to transfer some arbitrary amount of money to your shop account, so that when you buy a book, you don't need to go through credit card transaction every time.

> The change to "mostly ebooks" won't start until the format wars are settled

Oh well. That much we can definitely agree on.
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