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Now consider the following with the knowledge that I know NOTHING of programming. After reading a few converted books I have found the software currently to be unsuable for the "page swapping" of pages 1 and 2 actually occurs THROUGHOUT the entire book seemingly at random.

I THINK I may know a possible reason for why it is doing this.

I noticed that so far in all cases that page that is out of place is SMALLER than the page its wrongly in front of.

I also noticed the software does TWO pages at a time. IE in sets of two.

so what happens if it finishes processing page 2 of the set of 2 before it finishes page 1 ? I am thinking when it does pages 1 and 2 whatever pages is done first is set as page 1 and therefore the other page is page 2

this would explain the 2/1 swap and why it randomly swaps other pages throughout a book.

Just an idea a simple way to test is to make it to do only one page at a time so this can not occur.
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