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> And in India? China? Iran? The entire continent of Africa?
> They do have books in those places.

Do they have MP3 players in those places? If not, then this does not mean that the analogy djgreedo pointed at is faulty. A meaningful statistic here would be growth rate, which for digital music was 40% from 2006 to 2007 (for example).

As for e-books (and this is 2009 data, from The Washington Post):

> Latest figures from the Association of American Publishers showed e-book
> sales up 167 percent through May of this year. Printed book sales
> were down 4 percent.

> Adults who claim they read books on polls, is a very different number
> from people who read paper at all.

Ok, if the percentage of US adults who actually read is less than 3/4, then what you said is even less likely to be true, for US (at least), right?

> The move from leisure reading on paper to on screen is just a section
> of the paper-to-pixels transition.

As far as I can see, we are well on our way. Pretty nearly only thing I use paper for these days is packaging material.

> Minors can't even buy ebooks on their own. (There's a twist I haven't seen discussed yet.)

Actually, they can. That the current crop of online shops mostly require credit card payments for each purchase does not mean it's the only way of doing this. You can have an account in a shop, where a parent transfers some amount of allowance, that the teenager then can use in that store.
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