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Sounds like the QC person was at lunch when that one was mailed out. I have one of their journal covers from ~10 years ago (small Bold Celtic in black) and it is flawless, so I ordered a Creekwood Maple PRS-505 cover in saddle a few days ago. Then your post was the first one I saw when I logged in! Yikes. However, I'm sure your cover was just a fluke and they will make good, because they really are known for high quality product.

PS On further reflection, the reason the loops seem too large may be that the Oberon covers are dual-use (i.e. they hold the PRS-505 and the PRS-700). The 700 is 1.7 mm thicker than the 505 (9.7 mm vs. 8 mm). Regardless, I would think that the loops would become more supple and have a reduced profile with repeated use of the cover.

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