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Amazon is trying to dictate the direction the development of e-books in general take - by dictating whether or not I can add Epub-support on my reader.. disgusting. Basically they are saying: hey, you've bought Mobipocket ebooks, we own mobipocket - so you've got one choice: stop reading your books, or get a Kindle.

Well, Kindle my ass... even if it were the last device on Earth and all paper books were torched - I'd rather tell stories to myself than get a Kindle.

Epub is the future.. but there is only one type of Epub and that is without DRM. There are no specifications for DRM'd Epub, and that results in a company like Adobe making up their own version. Of course, it won't be long before someone else makes up their own, propietary version of DRM'd Epub, thus ruining the entire idea behind Epub.

Show me how to strip the DRM off my Mobi-files, and I'll never buy an Amazon book again.
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