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Thanks to everyone for all the creative and helpful suggestions! I have been checking back on the thread to read the replies but we've had a crazy few days and I'm just now able to respond.

The Ebookwise Reader looks very durable and kid-friendly. I tried checking out the forums for it but it's confusing. Can I convert other formats to IMP, easily? Or is it going to be a big headache?

I am mulling the idea of an iTouch around in my head right now. The problem with that is that with wiFi and all the other features of it, I doubt he'd be doing much reading, lol. And I think I'd be jealous.

Are any of the new 5" readers on the horizon going to have a non-glass/substrate screen?

And then there's this:

Which actually looks pretty awesome. And I wouldn't have known about it without all of you
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