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Mobipocket ebooks useless after firmware upgrade

The new (beta) BeBook firmware update, which adds Adobe drm-ed ePub and pdf support to the first generation BeBook ereader, doesn't support drm-ed Mobipocket ebooks anymore, hence making your legally bought Mobipocket ebooks a heap of worthless bits&bytes.

Here is the August 2009 firmware update for your BeBook eReader.

WARNING: Read the full text and instructions before upgrading.

This release note is for the August 2009 update. Firmware version NL-2.10-20090803

Changes to last update:

WARNING: Removes the ability to read Mobipocket DRM protected files. (non DRM Mobipocket files can still be read)
CHANGE: This updates your BeBook adding support for DRM protected PDF and EPUB files using Adobe (r) DRM.
CHANGE: adds compatibility with Adobe Digital Editions book management software.
CHANGE: auto recognition in Adobe Digital Editions identifying the device as 'BeBook'
CHANGE: adds reflowable PDF and Epub file support.

Amazon is to blame here; they don't allow ereader manufacturers to add Mobi drm on ereaders that also have another drm system installed. So either you can stick with Mobipocket, and will not be able to buy drm-ed ePub ebooks, or you can switch to ePub, and say goodbye to your Mobipocket ebook collection.

More ranting in this Dutch article on the subject. Please join me and also sign the anti-drm petition at

So what do you think? Would you rather skip the update, in order to be able to keep reading your drm-ed Mobipocket ebooks? Or are you ready to ditch your old ebook collection in order to switch to ePub with Adobe drm?

(please note that this is not BeBook specific; the Cybook update will also remove support for Mobipocket with drm. Also all new models (Cybook Opus, BeBook mini, etc) will not support protected Mobipocket if you want to read Adobe drm-ed ePub.)

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