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[UPDATE] Disappointed with my new Oberon Design cover

Yep, sad but true. I eagerly awaited the arrival of my lovely new "Tree of Life" Oberon cover for my beloved PRS-505. It arrived day before yesterday, and try as I might, I cannot get past my disappointment with the cover. The material it is made of is BEAUTIFUL. The leather, the tooling, the image, all magnificent.

The workmanship, not so much. There are so many little-to-big things wrong with this cover, that I am contacting Oberon to ask if I can return it.

First off, the loops that hold the 505 into the cover are WAY too large. The PRS does NOT feel like it will fall out of the cover, but it doesn't feel secure, either.

Plus, the excessive amount of extra leather in the loops causes the cover to bow out, especially when the bungee cord is looped closed around the button.

And the holes for the bungee cord were mis-placed on the cover, so that when the cover is closed, the edges don't line up (the bungee is placed lower on the back than the button is on the front).

The inside front cover is slightly larger than the outside front cover, so it bows open. The edges of the cover bend out where the loops are sewn on, which feels very awkward in my hand.

And, to me the biggest problem, where the bottom left loop is attached to the inside cover, it pulls up in such a way that there are already stress points on both the cover & the loop, which will eventually wear & probably tear.

I look at this physically gorgeous cover, and then look at my simple, unassuming M-edge Executive cover, and I must say, that although the materials of the M-edge aren't as sumptuous as those of the Oberon, the workmanship is FAR superior. My 505 fits in that M-Edge like a glove, and feels snug & secure in a way it just *doesn't* in the Oberon. I really wanted to love the Oberon cover, it is so lovely & rich-looking, so book-like, but I just can't.

I'm contacting Oberon, and attaching the pictures I've attached here. We'll see what they say...


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