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Originally Posted by JSWolf View Post
Actually, with Calibre, you don't need Mobi support at all. Just ePub. Because you'll either have to buy DRM free Mobi or strip the DRM, Calibre can then convert to ePub easily. So Mobi is really a feature that's not needed at all if you have ePub support.
Just because you can strip Mobi DRM (not legal in a lot of locations) and then use Calibre to convert the Mobi file to ePub, doesn't mean it's a moot point. The previous device supported Mobi DRM and the Mini supports a completely different DRM. As someone who has a lot of money invested in Mobi DRM books, it's hard to say, just illegally strip the DRM from those several hundred books and then use Calibre to convert each one... so that you can read that book on this new device.

What about offering the Mini in 2 flavors? You can purchase an ePub model or a Mobi model?
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