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My apologies for the lack of updates! Ok, here it is, 2.1.4. Find it on page 1.

You don't have to close MSPaint to preview another page/setting. (For comparing different settings.)

+The big "invalid encoding" error. (At least, I think it's fixed... please verify.) This was being caused by the blank.png file I was using which wasn't really a PNG (stupid mspaint). Issue appeared when a PDF had blank pages or AutoImager wasn't installed (which causes the whole document to have blank pages). Your guys' talk about installing autoimager into the pdfrasterfarian directory is confusing me, however. Did you try installing into the default windows path first? Also, are you installing into pdfrasterfarian 2.1.3\software\AutoImager, and overwriting what's there? There may be a larger issue with autoimager not working, and this may require another solution.
+Pages out of order issue
+Autocropping without previewing results in teeny tiny pages (or, actually, autocropping was severely crippled... it mistakenly used the bounding box generated during preview, rather than the one generated individually for each page)
+A few more UI clarifications (e.g. regarding autoimager)

Kind of dealt with:
+Filename issues. I don't think this can fully be solved because of the ridiculous way Windows CMD scripts handle variables. Instead of crashing, however, it now prints a message.

evgen, adobe software is required because of the way Windows handles context menus for file types. When adobe is installed, it owns .pdf files and if i want to add another option i have to go into adobe's place in the registry. To make this work with Foxit, please go to Folder Options>File Types>PDF>Advanced>New. Give the action a weird name, then go into regedit and search for it. Let me know the place in the registry that it ends up.

memobug, there isn't much point comparing processed to unprocessed. Rather, the prudent option would be to compare one type of processing to another that you pick. However, cutting up the page one way will also not work for people since it hides stuff. To fix it you get into even more options and parameters, and it all gets crowded since I don't have anything close to a proper UI. Quickest fix is to just not require you to close Paint after previewing. Done. (although it wasn't quite as straightforward as it sounds)

ok... so we have to examine the weird autoimager installation issue. Besides that, though, do you guys think pdfrasterfarian at this point can be deemed stable? Anything else to fix/add/clarify before primetime? Please speak up.

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