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Originally Posted by Faenad View Post
It's clearly depends on how your son is treating his electronics devices.
An ebook reader would not be more fragile than a PSP, and I see a lot of children carrying them around and taking a decent care of them.

If you are afraid of harsh treatment, you should go with the EB1150 or if you want something smaller, an used PDA like the palm Tx or the HP hx4700 with a good case.
Not enough? If you suspect your son is gonna play soccer with it, there are some hardened PDA that would withstand even this kind of use.
You don't own a psp, I do. And the sony 505 is much ,much, much more fragile. No comparison. The 505 is super thin and the screen is spread out 3 or 4 times over much wider surface. The smaller itouch and other small devices are small and thicker, on the most part. Since itouch and 505 are about same price, I know he would like the itouch a lot more and he can do a lot of more type stuff on it. Maybe a 200 dollar netbook would be best, since he could use it for school too and is cheaper than ereader.

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