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Custom-made my own slim folio for the dr1000s

Hey all,

Thought I'd share the folio case I customized...

Basically, I was interested in a slim soft case that could protect against the elements and protect against small falls. Most importantly, I wanted it (1) to fit in my small-ish soft briefcase (I didn't want to carry another case!), and I wanted (2) to be able to USE the dr1000s while it was in the case itself.

All of the soft cases that were small enough were not padded enough, and all the soft cases that were too large seemed to be too padded.

Then I got an idea. I found a "planner cover" (the At-a-glance #80pj20-00, link below) which was great because it's zippered and essentially allows you to pad it with whatever you want (the 'pockets' or slots where the dayplanner's 'basic' cover slides in, these are on both sides). Then I got Scotch Reclosable Fasteners (#RF7051, basically velcro, link below) which have permanent adhesive on one side and a velcro side on the other. I adhered velcro on the right inside cover of the planner cover, and then also onto the back of the iRex DR1000S (however, before I adhered the velcro's permanent adhesive onto the iRex, I applied a few lines of gift tape beneath the velcro's adhesive so that the permanent adhesive wouldn't go directly on the iRex).

(Edit: One needs to be careful with removing the device from the planner cover via the velcro. The particular velcro that I bought is strong! And so, one must be careful to remove the device else it may bend.)

The last step has been to add something to serve as padding. It's possible to use just about anything, even crumpled newspaper. The only problem with these fillers is that they lose shape over time (i.e. foam, bubble wrap, newspaper). I've decided to try out Foohy Gooshy Grips (#73740) that I found at the store (link below). These Gooshy Grips usually serve as sleeves on pencils or pens for kids. They are made out of some kind of (very soft but bouncy) polymer, and behave a bit like springs. I taped a bunch onto two separate pieces of cardboard and inserted those into the pockets where the dayplanner covers are supposed to go.

I bought all three necessary items below at 'Staples' (USA).

Looks good so far! And the best part for me is that this slim padded folio can fit in my small soft briefcase!


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